The Family

The Family
Aaron, Amanda, and Ace

Monday, February 7, 2011

Amazing day!

Today I had an OBGYN appointment with my amazing doctor- Dr. Khan. He delivered Moriah. He was so kind and optimistic about the hopes of another baby it was contagious. He asked if we were trying again, I told him yes and this big smile beamed across his face. "Good, you deserve a baby and we have a game plan for you!" At 14 weeks I will receive a ultrasound every 10-14 days- to check the baby and my cervix. If anything about the cervix changes I will be getting a stitch. At the 14 week mark I will be also receiving progesterone shots as often as they can give them to me whether the cervix changes or not- that is a for sure plan. The appointment he has checked me and all is a go! Aaron had mentioned trying again before I did. The pregnancy became real for him the moment he held her. Often times thats when dad's become dad's. Mom become moms when their pee stick comes back positive lol. Its often hard for them when the baby isn't growing, moving, and kicking in them to feel the connection or bonding. However- looking into Aaron's eyes as he held his little girl, I knew then he was a different man from that point on, she changed him for the better. As soon as I had gotten through a week without bawling at the mention of her name, he held my hand and said "We should try again, when you can. We need to keep the faith and try before my deployment in hopes of getting our baby so when I get back you will be ending your pregnancy." It was a hard thought for me, but in my heart I knew he was right. The longer we sit with fear- the easier it will be to stay completely in that fear. We know the worries and fear and massive prayers that will be included in our next pregnancy but I now have a peace about trying again. I am also at peace with the fact we may not conceive before Aaron deploys, and that is ok. :) We will try at the end of the year when he returns.
On the way home form the appointment today, the March of Dimes gal called me and it was an amazing conversation. She had experienced loss too as well. A beautiful baby came too soon for her at 22 weeks. I am excited to meet her at the Kick Off Breakfast for March Of Dimes Feb 24th, and possibly share my story with the March of Dimes walkers on the walk day. I have asked to share my story if they needed it and its a good possibility. All that I can do to help, I will do! God has put an amazing peace in my heart and soul and I believe the best is yet to come for our family!

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