The Family

The Family
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Progesterone Fun and Vacation to Washington Fun...

Hello ya'll! Thought I would update y'all! :) Aaron's deployment is in full force and already he is miserable, and wants to be home. We are so very grateful that he will be out of the military and we will be headed home back to Washington in July of 2012. I will be able to chat with him a bit over the next month as he will be in ports. Meanwhile while he gets some liberty time off the ship, I'll be headed to Washington in just a few days! June 2-14- I'll be celebrating my nephew Noah's first birthday and hopefully the birth of Leah too! I'll attend my cousin Sarah's wedding with my family too! I was asked to share my testimony of faith and struggle in losing my daughter at church (the church where hubby and I wed) and sing. I will do that June 5 and I am very blessed and nervous. I will sing "When Praise Demands A Sacrifice" by Larnelle Harris. It's truly been my life song lately and speaks of my daughters origin of her name and the importance of praising God no matter what our circumstances. I hope to be a support and encouragement to others.

Well I am in my 12th week of pregnancy and will be headed into the second trimester as I head off on vacation. I am really excited! Our last appointment showed that Baby Rainbow attached lower in my uterus so the placenta is low-lying. Its very common and over 90% of cases found in the first-trimester correct themselves by 28 weeks, if it doesn't then its called placenta-previa. If that is the case I will need a C-Section at 36/37 weeks to avoid bleeding out. Of course we are praying that over the next few months our bi-weekly ultrasounds will show it correcting! We have an appointment and ultrasound May 31 to check baby, placenta, and cervix. I am currently on a once a day vaginal progesterone gel, it causes major headaches so I use it before bed so I sleep through it. It been amazing as I have had no bleeding or early trimester issues like I did with Moriah. The injections will begin after my vacation and will be done once a week so that will be much more convenient!

I am also quitting my job in Suffolk as of this week, so when I return from my vacation I'll be helping watch my friends new-born while she works part-time. Can this be anymore me? I'll be in my cups, as well as not driving an hour each way to work! I have plans to bust my butt before vacation and get the cleaning done that I've let go these last few months, feeling ill and spending time with hubby.

Ill be sure to update after our appointment next week! May your day be blessed, God Bless! ~

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